We list all instructions of our products here for our customers. You can find what you want here whether you lost your instruction menual or just want to see how an item operates before buying it. Please contact us at if you still have any question about your items after reading our instructions.



P-110  Dual Step Pedometer

P-120  Steps, Activity Time Pedometer

P-150  Dual Step Pedometer

P-210  Step, Activity Time Pedometer

P-220  Steps, Mileage, Activity time, 3-IN-ONE Pedometer

P-250  Step Target Pedometer

P-255  Distance Target Pedometer

P-280  Multi-function Pedometer

P-285  56 Days Memory Muti-function Pedometer

P-310  Slim Case, Dual Step, Activity time Pedometer

P-320  Slim Case, Steps, Mileage, Activity Time, 3-IN-ONE Pedometer

P-510  Dual Step, Activity Time Pedometer

P-520  Steps, Mileage, Activity Time, 3-IN-ONE Pedometer

P-555  56 Days Memory Muti-function Pedometer

P-036  Dual Display Muti-function Pedometer

P-060  Dual Display Fitness Pedometer



T-810  Hour/Min Count Up/Down Timer

T-820  99m59s Countdown Timer

T-825  99m59s Countdown Timer

T-830  99m59s/9999m Count Up/Down Timer

T-910  99m59s Count Up/Down Timer

T-920  99m59s/9999m Count Up/Down Timer

T-930  9999m/9999s Count Up/Down Timer

T-KP5  Multi-funciton Stopwatch/Timer

T-800 Shot Clock

T-5020 Fitness Interval Timer with Pacer  & Instruction Video:



Tally Counters

TC-850 Multi-function Count Up/Down Tally Counter

TC-880  Count Up/Down Tally Counter

TC-890 Digital Pitch & Doorman Tally Counter

TC-895 Digital Dual Pitch & Tally Counter

TC-855 Digital Pitch and Tally Counter with Countdown Timer


Jumbo Dual Timers/Counters

J-950  Jumbo Dual Display Muti-function Count Up/Down Timer

J-955  Jumbo Dual Display Muti-function Countdown Timer/Counter


Measuring Wheels

W-160 8 Inch Measuring Wheel